Modular Design Conversion

Z Modular will convert your building design concept to a modular design schematic in as few as 10 business days for just $20,000. That’s less than half the regular cost! And there’s no obligation to build with us. If you move forward with modular construction, you’ll make up the cost of the design conversion by completing your project up to 50% faster.

Conversion to modular typically works best for planned buildings of 4–10 stories and 60,000–200,000 sq. ft. Fill out the form below to get started. If your project qualifies, here’s what you’ll receive:

Modular Design Schematic

  • Parametric Revit® model
  • MEP design approach
  • ROM, including price per sq. ft.
  • Project schedule with phase gates
  • Conceptual floorplan

Consultation Sessions

  • Startup meeting, including owner / AOR briefs and sketch session (2 hours)
  • Design presentation, including schedule and ROM review (2 hours)



Get Started

Fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up to discuss all the details and get started on your modular design conversion.