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May 10, 2018

Five Reasons to Use Z Modular on Your Next Job

By Derek Henderson

 The Z Modular™ system has numerous unique features that contribute to the highest achievable level of factory completion and the most efficient use of material, making it the best modular construction system available today. Let’s look at five reasons why you should use Z Modular™ for your next construction project

  1. Structural modules stack to produce the finished building, so no separate brace or support frame is required. This eliminates all the issues associated with a separate frame, including redundant materials, incompatible tolerances and the need for field erection.
  2. Precision modules built in precision fixtures stack to 20+ floors with minimal impacts attributable to tolerance accumulation. A simple, application specific surveying and shimming system (VectorSight) is easy to use and ensures perfect results.
  3. Precision machined connections precisely locate modules, ensure high fixity and deliver force transfer without eccentricity.
  4. Pound for pound, an HSS-based frame is stiffer than the corresponding frame made of hot-rolled sections such as I-beams and channels. By using the ceiling framing as the top chord of a truss, VectorBloc modules act like rigid bridges, making them resistant to the flexing that otherwise damages interior finishes, millwork, etc. This, in turn, allows both interior and exterior finishes to be completed in the plant, shipped and installed with minimized damage.
  5. The size of materials used can be varied in accordance with loading, meaning that no matter what the scale, the use of material is always optimized. Never too heavy, never too light.
  6. Precision modules support digital processing and efficient factory installation of materials such as tile, drywall, millwork, trim etc.

Interested in learning more about Z Modular? If you have any questions, contact us, we are available to help!