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May 10, 2018

How Modular Construction Can Help Reduce Your Risk

By Derek Henderson

As a contractor, you have a lot to worry about – from materials arriving on-time to the job site, to meeting tight, client-driven schedules. Modular construction can help reduce risk in several ways.

Standardizing your workforce: With traditional construction, you have to rely on a variety of sub-contractors to work at your site. Sometimes you don’t know the quality of the work being performed until after the job is completed. By utilizing modular construction, you eliminate the reliance on those sub-contractors; instead, you have a team of trained professionals working in a controlled environment with the proper tools, lighting and fixtures needed for the job and at a moment’s notice.  Any potential skill shortages in geographic regions that are sometimes present are eliminated. There are also improved opportunities for graying workers and people with disabilities.

Tighter tolerances: Modular builders are sticklers to details – even down to the amount of screws being used on a floorboard. Using modular construction will ensure that you have fewer defects in your design and to the job site. Z Modular uses a +0 /- 1/16” tolerance to ensure all of our modules meet the exacting demands of the building owner.

The tolerances of structural steel, cast concrete and wood structures are all quite loose to allow for imperfections in the cutting and placement of these materials. During the assembly process, continuous surveying is used to control dimensions. The dimensions of a Z Modular building are controlled by precision fixtures and CNC machining, delivering tool-room tolerances to the construction industry for the first time.

Accidents at the job: When you are on-site using traditional construction techniques, you run the risk and carry the insurance costs of site work. Risks include everything from slip-and-fall injuries to death and arise – from using a ladder to install a window on a 5th story, to slippery scaffolds from an afternoon rain. In an off-site, controlled environment, weather is no longer an issue – it a safe and secure from the elements. Plus, items such as window installation can be performed at ground level using dedicated material handling equipment such as catwalks, gantries and overhead cranes, eliminating the need to use expensive scaffolding for any “high” jobs that are required.

Predictable costs for accurate estimating: By selecting modular construction, you will have predictable costs to let you estimate more accurately. By building in an environmentally secure facility with a stable workforce and standardized practices and equipment, you don’t need to build in the traditional buffer that you would for traditional construction. You’ll be able to compete with your competitors by offering an accurate bid to your client and eliminating any “fluff”.

If you are a contractor, building owner or developer, and have additional questions on how Z Modular and Modular Construction can help reduce risk on your next job, please give us a call at 312.275.1600.