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May 10, 2018

What is Volumetric Construction?

By Derek Henderson

Volumetric modular construction is defined as the stacking and joining of factory-finished modules to form a substantially complete building. Ideally, only bolting and interconnection of building services is required at the site. If you believe (as we do) that manufacturing buildings in a well-organized factory is better than building on a site, then the achievable percentage of off-site completion is a key metric of modular process excellence.

In reality, the degree of factory completion varies across the industry, with many modular systems requiring the façade to be installed at the site, covering the connections between modules and hiding dimensional irregularities. Likewise, hallways, finishes etc. are often conceived as site-installed.

That’s where Z Modular steps in, with the assembly of precision, structural volumetric modules. We can complete the design and engineering for you, including complete interiors tailored to your specific needs and application. Need construction services coordinated including delivery of materials to the jobsite? – Z Modular can help with that too. Using the Vectorbloc connection system and HSS frame, our volumetric modular construction design helps to add value at every step.

Watch our video today and learn how Z Modular is the Only Way to Build.