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December 10, 2019

Why Steel is a Game Changer in Modular Construction

By Z Modular

Many people used to associate modular construction with inconsistent quality, but the use of steel has completely transformed this perception and the off-site construction industry. Read on for all the reasons why.


Steel-framed modules are precision-engineered — to tolerances of less than 1/32″ with the Z Modular® universal construction system. Such precision is unheard of in traditional construction. This exact framing allows for tight-fitting connections and faster, taller stacking with minimal risk and lower costs. In fact, steel-framed modules allow developers to build structures of 30+ stories!


Steel’s strength allows for more-open floor plans. It can be used in 300′ spans without a load-bearing wall — even in a modular structure! And because steel frames are rigid, drywall seams don’t crack during transit, floors seams are level even after setting, and building owners don’t need to worry about potential settling issues over time.


Steel is made to last, making it a smart choice for the life of a building. It endures impact without sustaining damage and absorbs lateral torsion in seismic applications. Its strength gives it a long lifespan with little maintenance. Building owners appreciate the extended ROI potential of steel.


Steel is used in Type I (if coated with fire-protective coating) and Type II construction because it is noncombustible and naturally resistant to pests and mold. That’s why it is often used for senior housing and other applications with the strictest building codes. Building owners are often relieved to discover they can achieve such a high level of safety with a modular approach by using steel.


Structural steel is precision-manufactured to industry standards to minimize waste, and any leftover pieces can easily be recycled without sacrificing the steel’s strength. In fact, steel is the
most recycled material in the world, with more than 80 million tons recycled in North America each year. Building developers who choose steel can feel confident they’re minimizing their environmental impact.


In the modular construction industry, steel not only changes the game but wins it. Combining the high quality of steel with the efficiency of off-site construction allows for upfront cost savings, ease of construction and long-term ROI. It’s the winning choice for modular projects.

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Why Steel is a Game Changer in Modular Construction