The Ecosystem


A robust suite of integrated software, advanced manufacturing and proprietary building innovations ensure precision and accuracy.

VectorBloc® Connection

Our proprietary VectorBloc modular connection is the cornerstone of the Z Modular® Building Ecosystem. Precision-engineered for tight tolerances, VectorBloc ensures even module stacking to form buildings of nearly any size or shape.

Integrated Software

We streamline workflows and share data across all stages of the process through:

  • Autodesk® BIM 360TM for real-time collaboration
  • BOM for detailed purchase planning
  • ERP for accurate scheduling and cost accounting
  • Proprietary plug-ins for Revit® and other design / production software
  • Procore® for total project management
  • Logistics management programs and route mappers
  • Timekeeping technologies
  • Long-term maintenance management platforms

Advanced Automation

Most Z Modular facilities and affiliates use automated production lines, including:

  • Welding robots
  • Material placement robots
  • Stud framing machines
  • CNC machines

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