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Z Modular marks recent growth with new branding

CHICAGO, Ill. (Jan. 27, 2020) — Z Modular, a leading innovator in North America’s construction industry, is proud to introduce a new corporate brand reflecting its strong growth trajectory. The redesigned website at showcases Z Modular’s new logo, new brand story and updated project portfolio. The company’s main message to the construction industry is encapsulated in its new tagline: “Align to build better.”

“Today’s traditional construction methods can’t deliver at the desired speed, quality and cost,” said Mickey McNamara, president of Z Modular and executive vice president of Zekelman Industries, the parent company of Z Modular. “But we achieve all project goals with the Z Modular® Building Ecosystem. Our process, technology and people work together to ensure predictability from the start and precision at every stage. It’s how we stay on schedule, on spec and on budget.”

Z Modular and its network of affiliates are using the integrated, open-source ecosystem in facilities across North America, with a total annual production capacity of over 10 million sq. ft. of steel-framed buildings. Proprietary software plug-ins, factory automation, national supply contracts and licensed tradespeople compress timelines and allow for project completion in as little as half the time of traditional construction. Integrated, real-time pricing ensures accurate estimates, and advanced manufacturing techniques ensure quality control throughout the process.

“Our clients tell us that Z Modular empowers them to build with lower risk and higher predictability,” said Barry Zekelman, executive chairman and CEO of Zekelman Industries. “We’re leveraging Zekelman Industries’ manufacturing excellence to advance the construction industry and make a big impact.”

Recent projects range from multifamily residential developments in Washington, D.C., and a hotel in Nashville to an office building in California, apartments in Texas and student housing in Ontario. Many more are in design development.

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