Z Block® Connection

Z Block is the proprietary modular connection at the heart of the Z Modular system. Engineered with an incredibly high level of precision, Z Block is the only modular connection of its kind. It enables modular building design to become bigger and better than ever.

One Piece. All The Difference.

Precise Engineering

With tight tolerances (+0″, -1/16″), Z Block allows even stacking with an unmatched level of precision.

Standardized Processes

Z Block enables consistency and repeatability across the Z Modular system.

Scalable Design

Z Block’s unique design makes building sizes and configurations nearly limitless.

Z Block’s Unique Design

  1. Tension bolt
  2. Lower Z Block
  3. Accessory connection point
  4. Gusset plate bolt
  5. Gusset plate
  6. Tapered locating, shear and hoisting pin
  7. Upper Z Block
  8. Threaded hole
Building Render

Z Block at Work

Z Block connects and anchors the corners and intersections of every Z Modular unit. As the cornerstone of each unit, Z Block gives Z Modular structures an unmatched level of strength.

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