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March 27, 2020

Z Modular Care & Control Units

By Abbie Milligan

During this difficult time of crisis, we are all wondering what can we do and how can we help.  Z Modular is the only construction company with the power to meet the growing demand for new buildings.  Our family of factories and the network of affiliates, using the Z Modular® Building Ecosystem continue to expand across North America, rapidly increasing the industry’s production capacity.  We have designed a resource to assist hospitals nationwide with their capacity issues. We developed Modular Care and Control units, using our already perfected modular design, we can tailor modules to meet specific needs from housing to health care offices and triage sites.

United States Modular Care and Control Unit


Click here to download the PDF 


Canadian Modular Care and Control Unit


Click here to download the PDF

There are many construction companies across North America. But Z Modular is the only one that can achieve precision at the scale required to meet all project goals for all your buildings in relevant markets.

We ensure Quality, Precision and Predictability every step of the way.  Learn more about Z Modular at