Designing for Modular Part II: Planning, Concepts and Schematics

by Chris Schmidt on March 5, 2019

In our last blog on designing for modular, we looked at a general overview of the construction process. As we dig deeper into the process, there are certain rules of thumb that should be considered when you bring the planning, concept and schematics phase of your project together. Let’s take look...

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Designing for Modular: Construction Scope of Work Part 1

by Chris Schmidt on February 5, 2019

There seems to be an assumption from various development team members, including project managers, financiers, and designers, that the developer contracts directly with the modular unit fabricator. However, as the modular design and construction method is different from a site-built method, the pers...

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Four Rules of Modular Efficiencies – Design Scope of Work

by Chris Schmidt on January 8, 2019

It may helpful to think of design services in terms of the Architect of Record (AoR) providing the full range of architecture and engineering services, and the modular fabricator providing engineering design advisory services. The modular fabricator, engineer/architect, and the AoR should coordinate...

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The Ins and Outs of Efficient Modular Design

by Chris Schmidt on December 4, 2018

A fundamental premise in modular building is – “start with the assumption that the project will be designed and constructed as a modular building.” Using this as the fundamental approach will create a rationally designed building, which will be easier to construct if the developer chooses to p...

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The Main Players in Modular Developments

by Chris Schmidt on October 1, 2018

While modular construction continues to come to the forefront of modern construction practices, many people still have questions on where to start. To help demystify this efficient construction practice, let’s look at the main players you will interact with when you choose to build your next proje...

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Introduction to the Cheatham Street Flats Project

by Rich Rozycki on September 11, 2018

When the Cheatham Street Flats project began, it was originally designed to be completed entirely with wood - but when the job was sent out to bidders, it was discovered that no one could build it due to th...

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